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What is Hospice Care?

Hospice Care is for people who are in their final stages of an illness or disease. 

During terminal illness, you and your family may talk with your doctor and decide current treatments may no longer be working. In this case, your doctor may make a referral for Hospice Care; also known as End of Life Care. 

Hospice Care aims to ensure a person is comfortable and pain free to be able to live out their last days as fully as possible. Hospice Care includes:

–          Symptom control and management

–          Pain management

–          Stress management

–          Spiritual and family support

People can receive Hospice Care at home, in the hospital, nursing homes or specialized Hospice centers. But it is important to remember that Hospice Care is for family members too. It offers counseling and help with everyday duties like shopping and cleaning the house.

Please consider Hospice Care if it sounds like it could meet you and your loved one’s needs.

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