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Aging is a natural process. As we age, our minds and bodies change, but having a healthy lifestyle can help you manage those changes. 

Some topics to help maintain a healthy lifestyle include:

  1. Healthy eating:
    •  Be sure to include foods high in nutrients like a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. 
    • Drink enough liquids, especially water to prevent dehydration.
    • Moderate your intake of empty calories and sugars such as soda, candy, chips and baked goods.
  2. Incorporate regular physical exercise
    • Being physically active can help prevent long term health problems and help manage weight. If you have not been very active before, it’s OK! You can start slowly and work your way up, setting goals along the way. 
    • The amount of exercise you need depends on your health. Be sure to follow up with your primary care provider for advice. 
  3. Keeping an active mind 
    • As we age, it’s important to train our mind just as we do our bodies. Many activities can help keep your mind active and improve your memory. These can include learning new activities, reading, or playing games. 

Incorporating these tips in your daily lifestyle can help you stay healthy as you age. Even if you’ve never done these things before, it’s not too late to start!

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