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Finding the best quality assisted living in San Jose and home health care in San Jose can be a difficult decision as there are numerous alternatives that is why A1 care is here to help. A1 care matches its clients with the best possible in home care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes in the San Jose area.  When choosing the right San Jose assisted living facility, in home care and nursing home it is important to make sure they are the right fit; this is what A1 care does exceptionally well. 

In Home Care San Jose

In home care allows physically challenged senior citzens the opportunity to reside in their residence to reciece in home care. The care may be from nurses home health aids and rehabilitation specialist. The personal care they recieve depends on each case as some may need help with daily tasks such as cooking, getting ready or  runnning errands. Others may need more hands on treatment such as rehablitation.  Read More 

Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose 

An assisted Living facility is designed for seniors that demand housing that offers help with common tasks such as doing the dishes, taking care of themselves and help with administering medication. Placing a friend or relative in a San Jose Assisted Living Facility can be a hard thing to do, however it in their best interest and you know they will be taken care of by professionals. Read more

Nursing Home San Jose

Nursing home is a place of residence for the elderly that need nursing around the clock. There are many factors when choosing the right nursing home, for instance you want to choose a nursing home that is local. So is you are from San Jose it would be recomended to choose a San Jose Nursing home. This keeps the patients family and friends in close proximity so they are able to visit and spend those precious moments together.  A1 care knows these factors and guides you to the right San Jose nursing home.  

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