Housing options for Elderly

There are many types of senior living communities. Each provides its own benefits and services. Finding the right one may seem overwhelming. Therefore, at A1Care we feel the need to educate the public on the various types, with hopes that you may find exactly what you are looking for.

Independent Living communities

Independent living communities to the public are more known as retirement communities or homes.  These normally include independent apartments, condos, mobile homes or houses. You normally must be a certain age to qualify to live in them and some offer subsidized pricing for seniors.

This is a great choice for someone that is fully independent who wants to be amongst others who are closer to your age. Many of these communities offer various social activities to join in on if you choose too.

Assisted Living residences

Assisted living residences are like independent living communities, but they also offer personal care services to the residents. This can be anything you may think of when it comes to daily personal tasks such as bathing, help with errands or taking medicine.

One major difference between independent and assisted living communities is that assisted living can assist with early stages of dementia. Assisted living residences would be ideal for someone who would like to be independent but needs mild assistance or is looking for help with dementia.

Nursing homes and SNIF

Nursing homes are also known as skilled nursing facilities. They provide personal care services as well as medical care. They are staffed with nurses and other health care professionals 24 hours of the day. Your stay here can be temporary or long term depending on the level of care needed.

This option is great for those seeking medical attention that can’t be provided at home and needs to be under the supervision of a registered nurse. Check with your medical insurance to see if you are covered for this option.

Residential care homes

Residential care homes are privately own homes staffed with caregivers and on-call nurses. They function like nursing home facilities as they can provide personal care assistance but are unable to provide medical assistance unless they have a nurse on call.

This is ideal for a long term living situation that requires one on one care.


Whatever the circumstances may be, we hope that this came to be some help in your search. Please don’t hesitate to follow up with a phone call to us at no additional charge to you.