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You probably have questions, especially if you're new to the world of senior care. Some questions are commonly asked. We have put together some of those questions and their answers.

In-home Care Questions

How do I know that the CareGiver (CG) is qualified to provide care?
After an initial assessment, we can match you with the CG that is qualified to meet your needs. All CGs work histories and certifications are verified through strict screening processes.

Can I interview my prospective CareGivers?
Of course. We can set up interviews of experience CareGivers that we feel will match your needs.

Can I specify gender?
Yes you can. We have both experienced male and female CareGivers.

Will I have the same CareGiver every day?
In most cases yes, provided it is within the 40-hour work week or 5-day live-in as outlined in the Labor Laws of California (and depending on which state you reside).

Can the CareGiver feed my cat or dog?
There is no charge to feed dogs and cats, however there is an additional charge for grooming, walking, or cleaning out litter boxes.

Can the CareGiver assist the rehab nurse with range of motion?
Yes they can. in fact, we encourage this, since this will help in day-to-day rehab by improving mobility for a quicker recovery.


Living Facilities Questions

What is a semi-private room?
A semi-private room is a room that is shared with another client.

Do facilities provide transportation to doctor appointments?
Most of them do, however some facilities do not offer this service.

Do you visit the facilities that you refer?
We will not refer a facility unless we personally walk in and inspect that facility. Inspection includes checking licensing reports to ensure facilities are compliant and have no serious violations within the last 4 years.

Can I bring my own furniture?
Some facilities encourage this so clients are comfortable, and have familiar items to help them adjust to their new environment (e.g. pictures, rocking chairs, night stands, rugs and lamps).

Can family visit me?
Most facilities allow visitors, even during meals. Check with the facility, as some have restrictions on visiting hours.

Will I be able to leave to visit family and return?
Yes, typically clients can sign out and spend the day with family and friends and return to their facilities at night. If it is an overnight stay with family, you need to check with the facility. Most medications are at the facility and they would want to coordinate this with you.

What does my monthly rate cover?
Rates typically cover the room, the meals and an agreed level of care. Additional levels of care may include bathing, transferring and other tasks that may require assistance.


Care Management/Case Management Services Questions

What is the difference between a Care Manager and a Case Manager?
These two terms are interchangeable. We prefer to use Care Manager because we care, and our clients are not just a case number in our files.

What is the Cost of Care Management/Case Management?
The cost of CM is FREE for any case when over 8 hrs is required for the coordination of care between Caregiver, Client and Physician. The CM will also assist in coordinating with Home Health Agencies, conservators and fiduciaries for the client. Any service under 8 hrs will be charged $40.00 a visit.

How often are CM visits?
The frequency of visits depend on the level of care of each client and are coordinated between the family and the CM. Visits will include reports related to changes in medication, physical therapy, or physician's new orders for change in care needs. The CM is flexible and will ensure that the family and the client are aware of upcoming visits and reports.

Who are these CM?
We have Social Workers, Gerontologists and Nurses along with Care Managers with years of experience that will assist the client.

When do we know if we need this service?
Initially when we are called in, a CM will be present to assessment whether home health or a facility is most appropriate. At the time of the assessment, the CM will coordinate suitable Caregivers, including the staffing of the caregivers. Depending on the need, the CM may coordinate other services for the client.